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Madagascar: Extraordinary

The struggle against extinction must involve a number of different institutions and partners. Among the putative leaders zoos and universities must play a key role in defending biodiversity at all levels, increasing knowledge about endangered species and bio systems, disseminating results and promoting actions.
Among the longest lasting partnership of this kind in Italy, the collaboration between the Department of Animal and Human Biology (DBAU) of the University of Torino and Parco Natura Viva (PNV) is a good example of institutions joining forces for research, education and conservation.
Among the many projects and activities, Madagascar, with its unique fauna and extraordinary biodiversity, canalized a consistent part of the efforts made for ex-situ and in-situ research and conservation activity, both at the PNV and at the DBAU.
The project is in fact a multi-faceted complex of various projects and activities devoted to research, education and conservation, operating at various levels, in Madagascar.